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Sexual Dysfunction: Symptoms, Treatment, Cause, Medication

Sexual dysfunction is something that most people hesitate to talk about. But there is nothing to be shameful. It is a sexual disorder that can happen due to different causes, it is treatable.

First and foremost, don’t take it as asexuality, sexual dysfunction is different. It has different nature as well. Many people get confused with sexual dysfunction as they treat it as asexuality and impotence, no it is not so. One more myth that is prevalent about the same is that it only happens to a male individual. While it can happen to anyone. Ignorance of such disorder may simply invite some big problem in your life, so take it seriously.

What is sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is a kind of disorder which can impact to both male and female. The dysfunction simply prevents you from sexual activity. A person suffering from sexual dysfunction finds himself/ herself unable to get the temptation of sex due to various reasons. It can be mental, physical, or anything. Sexual dysfunction is treatable under sexologists and doctors, home remedies, meditation, are also very useful in treating the same. 

People of every age group can go through this phase where they will experience it. Chances of getting sexual dysfunction increase with growing age. This is very common in a person less capable of sexual activity for whatever reasons. Every individual may be different as per their hormonal status.

As per the sex specialists and doctors:

  • Stress is one of the main reasons behind this disorder.
  • Stress and over-thinking are directly proportional to the dysfunction.

So we recommend yoga and meditation in this disorder. Apart from stress and nerves, some other causes can increase the chances of sexual dysfunction in one’s body.

These causes are:

  • Psychological disorder or mental suffering
  • Sexual trauma or problem
  • Heart disease or other severe health issues
  • Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • Certain drug consumption
  • Excessive use of alcohol

These are some simple causes for sexual dysfunctioning. If you are in a state where you are having the above-mentioned issues then be a little attentive. Before taking any kind of drug or medicine, don’t forget to consult respective experts. Your little awareness can eradicate a big problem, so keep it in mind.

Types of sexual dysfunction

Stopped craving for sex for longer periods is only sexual dysfunctioning. If you are not willing to involve in sex for few days then it won’t come under the sexual dysfunction category. Unless it happens on regular basis, it won’t be considered sexual dysfunction. There are mainly four categories for sexual dysfunction.

Young couple relationship
Young couple relationship

Desire disorder

Desire disorder is a very common type of sexual disorder that happens with most people. It is a state of mind when you get very little temptation for sex or you find yourself mentally unable to involve completely in sexual activity. 

Orgasm disorder

Orgasm disorder is a kind of disorder where the person gets some sort of sexual orgasm but the inability of sex makes them frustrated. 

Arousal disorder

Arousal disorder happens with you when your mood wants to be sexually active but your body doesn’t allow you to do so. It simply means that you have some physical defect like pain, itching, strain, etc.

Pain disorder

This disorder is very common in both males and females, it causes pain during intimacy or intercourse. 

Some more causes of Sexual dysfunction

Upset man having problem sitting on the bed after arguing with his girlfriend
Upset man having problem sitting on the bed after arguing with his girlfriend

Male reproductive organs can lack testosterone which results in loss of libido, which ultimately results in a low desire for sex. Female reproductive organs are considered more sensitive than male reproductive organs. So, there are various factors responsible for the cause of sexual dysfunction in females. They are:

  • Hormonal changes after childbirth
  • Breastfeeding to baby
  • Menopause (when periods stop permanently at 40-50)

However, some factors can be common in both males and females, which we have told in the second paragraph.

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Male sexual dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder in the male penis when they find themselves unable to involve in intercourse. They cannot erect their penis in the vagina for too long. It can happen to male individuals due to various reasons like:

  • Chronic ailments
  • Nervous disorder
  • Psychological disorder: stress and anxiety
  • Injury on penis
  • Certain drugs or medicines
  • Blood flow problem

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Ejaculation disorder

Early ejaculation or ejaculation soon after you penetrate your penis in the vagina can disturb your sexual desires for a long. One should get proper treatment and medication once they get such symptoms. It should be treated as soon as one notices it. It can happen due to the following reasons;

  • Certain drugs and medicines
  • Inhibition of sex
  • Performance anxiety
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Stress or depression

Female sexual dysfunction

Pain and Hurt

unhappy married couple sexual problems
unhappy married couple sexual problems

Sexual pain is mostly incurred by a female partner because of their sexual part’s unique and sensitive nature. Penetration can cause heavy pain and discomfort to females. Pain goes up with the size and structure of the penis. Inadequate lubrication and immature vaginal muscles can be the main cause of pain. Menopause simply makes the vagina dry which is again not a good situation to have sex for females. It should be understood by male partners.

Relationships between partners sometimes begin to be a little tense; however, the male partner should understand it. Forcefully pleading your partner to have sex in such a case is disgraceful patriarchal thinking. It should be stopped in a relationship. One should consult the doctor without having any hesitation to get rid of it. 

Less orgasm or temptation

Sometimes, the female reproductive system becomes so insensitive that you stop craving intercourse. Women stop getting orgasm because of stress and fatigue. These are the enemy of orgasm. Having temptation for sex is something that comes from your present state of mind, hence relax the mind is very much needed to sort it out. Yoga and meditation can help get out of this scene. However, a long period of this disorder should be treated after consulting the sexologist.  

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Treatment of sexual dysfunction

Treatment is very important for any kind of sexual disorder. No matter who has this disorder both the partner should be equally supportive. Delaying of sexual disorder treatment has worsened many relationships over time. So, you should consult if it is not natural.

Whenever you visit a doctor, provide complete details like:

  • Symptoms
  • Used drugs
  • Previously happened disease
  • mental state, etc.

If the doctor finds no physical cause, then immediately consult the therapist. 

Treatment of sexual disorders depend on the kind of causes. It has sometimes the underlying medical condition can treat such problems easily. Erectile dysfunction can be treated with medicines like Viagra, and other remedies include surgery, implantation, or mechanical aids.

  • Females can use some lubricating gels or creams on doctor’s prescription to smooth their dry vagina.
  • Hormone therapy can also be useful in some serious cases.
  • Sometimes, psychological counseling may also be useful to get out of stress and depression.
  • Get your sexual knowledge increased to avoid any kind of misunderstandings, don’t suspect your partner.

This is very normal and natural, it can happen to anyone. Therefore, don’t be shameful about it, and be a little liberal in such cases.

Conclusion: Points to be noted

The conclusive part of this post is little moral because the person suffering from it desperately needs it. Communication is all you need. Communicate with your partner, if he/she is not supportive enough then consult a doctor on your own. We all should be a little aware of sex education. Try to understand every single aspect. Stress and depression is the main cause of this problem, therefore be happy. 

We hope you find it informative and useful. Now don’t be so cheap to share it with your friends and partners.

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