About Us

When you have heard or seen Kaahan Ayurveda for the first time, surely you must have come to these questions in your mind, what does it mean of ‘Kaahan’?
‘Kaahan’ means Krishna. It is said that Lord Krishna had 42,000 names and one of them is called ‘Kaahan’.

Kaahan Ayurveda’s founder is Pooja Sharma. Our team has full knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine and many years of experience in the field of Ayurveda. Kaahan Ayurveda has provided its customers with a variety of Ayurvedic products to fight with many diseases. The characteristic of all of our Ayurvedic products is that they are all made entirely of natural, pure and native herbs which are very effective. Throughout India, thousands of patients have consumed these medicines and have been taking it regularly.

All Products of Kaahan Ayurveda organization are special, including Health King to increase weight, Shape King for weight loss, Hite King to increase heights, Dard King for all body Joint Pain, Madhuhar King for Diabetes, Leuco Rahat for White Discharge problem in Women.
Josh King, Shukra King and Penny King have been created for sexual problems in men.
Being made of pure and desi herbs, all of our products are very effective and beneficial and have proved to be the best in comparison to market products.

It is our endeavor that we can reach as many orders as we can to our patients as soon as possible. All orders are delivered through Indian post office and courier services throughout India and overseas. We book orders through both prepaid and COD services.