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We are resolute to making your shopping experience as simple and enjoyable as we can to the best of our capacity and resourcefulness. If it’s not too much trouble please read the accompanying terms and conditions before buying any product.

Purchasing a herbal product shows that you have recognized, comprehended, and consent to abide by the accompanying terms and conditions.


As a part of our user agreement, we offer a complete refund of your payment under the condition that you have not benefitted from the product. The definition of benefits shall be subject of medical investigation and consultancy by experts of our choice. If there should arise such occurrence, please connect with us immediately with valid proof of the fact that you have indeed consumed the product for at least a month and have followed the dosage guidelines properly.

Users must also note, the refund is only applicable to herbal products manufactured and sold by Kaahan Ayurveda. In case of any discrepancy or false allegations, we hold the right to decline the refund request and take legal actions against the concerned party.

The refunded amount should be transferred to your bank account linked with the respective payment method chosen by you during the purchase inside 15 days of conveyance.

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