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Weight Gain Tips: Simple and Natural

How to gain weight

Do you need some weight gain tips so that you can get desired body shape? God has not been kind to every single individual of this universe in terms of body shaping because many people are suffering from either obesity or underweight. Obesity and being underweight both are equally harmful to one’s life, however, we take obesity as a concern but most of the time we ignore being underweight. Millions of people have this underweight complication in which they are not able to gain weight. There are various reasons for being underweight or too skinny, sometimes it is genetic but most of the time it has other causes.

Simple and natural way to gain weight
Simple and natural way to gain weight

What will we learn in this post

This post is intended to give you detailed information about ways to gain weight, whatever be the reason for you being underweight, these weight gain tips will surely work on you. Weight can be gained through two major ways i.e., natural and supplementation. You can adopt some time-consuming natural ways to gain weight or you can go for some supplements to develop some muscle mass and body weight. Natural ways of gaining weight are considered safer than supplementation because natural ways are not going to harm you in any way. Weight gain tips are not constant with everyone; there might be some different criteria for different individuals. 

This post is going to be helpful and informative for all the underweight people, now you don’t need to incur any satire or stereotype in your personal and professional career. This post will be helping you out with weight gain tips, natural ways to gain weight, necessary diet plans, and much more. Without wasting our time let get straight to our today’s topic which is weight gain tips.

How to gain weight naturally?

Gaining weight doesn’t mean allowing lots of belly fat and unintentional fats around the body; weight gain simply makes you look great with your height and shape. One should try to develop muscle mass and subcutaneous fat instead of belly fat and thigh fat. Gaining weight naturally simply means that you are having proper healthy meals and nutrition; you can’t give yourself the liberty to eat anything you wish. You’ll have to abstain from indulging in any kind of malnutrition and junk food. Ways of eating, the timing of eating, type of meals, and several other things will determine your transformation from being underweight to normal weight.

Skinny guy trying to gain weight
Skinny guy trying to gain weight

Before initiating your transformation, you should try to know the best reason behind your problem of underweight. There are many causes and reasons behind being underweight; first of all, you have to know the exact reason. Once you know the reason you may start the transformation, transformation may take some time because natural ways consume plenty of time. One thing is sure that you are not going to harm your body organs during this transformation period. Just rely on these mentioned tips strictly, you will see majestic changes.

Gain weight tips for skinny guys

Consume more calories than you burn

If the burning of calories will be more than you consume then the chances are in the sky that you will get lean and underweight. One (underweight) should never burn more calories than he/she gets in a day, you should try to keep some calories left which can create some muscles and weight. Calorie surplus always helps in getting extra kilos, that’s why you should consume more calories than your body needs. Using a calorie calculator you can easily get the idea regarding calorie consumption, these calorie calculations can be done with the help of the internet. 

One should try to consume at least 400-500 more calories than their body needs, if you will get more calories through your diet you will gain weight easily. However, if you want quick weight gain then eat at least 600-800 more calories than your usual level. You should note down the calories of each meal you eat, you can calculate the calories by meals weight and type. Don’t do stuff that burns your calorie rapidly and try to save your calorie intake inside your body for longer durations. This idea is one of the best methods for gaining weight through natural ways; you will make it just all you have to do is to go for it. 

Go for carbs and high-fat foods

Some immature dieticians recommend not consuming carbs and high-fat food during bodyweight transformation, but this is not a good idea. In terms of gaining weight, you must have a diet plan which has enough carbs and fatty foods. We should not consume enough calories if you restrict yourself from having carbs and proteins, therefore don’t take these silly tips seriously. If you want to prioritize weight gain then try to eat a meal that has carbs, proteins, fats, and vitamins. Some people recommend intermittent fasting to develop hunger and appetite but this is a terrible idea. You won’t need to go for any such fasting; this kind of fasting is useful only in weight loss. 

Use Energy-dense food, spices, and herbs

Foods that help to gain weight
Foods that help to gain weight

Single ingredients food items are considered good because it is easy to digest and muscle creation. Some people eat junk foods for gaining weight; this is not a useful idea especially if you want to gain weight for the first time. Natural problems of underweight can’t be handled with junk food items, it can resist calorie making within your body. One should emphasize more on energy-dense food items because they can be really useful in gaining weight. Here are some energy-dense eating items which are so helpful;

  • Chicken, meat, pork, lamb
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Raisins, dates, prunes
  • Whole milk, full-fat yogurt, cheese, 
  • Almonds, walnuts, macadamia
  • Whole grains like oats
  • Potatoes, sweet potatoes
Milk products (Milk, Yogurt, Cheese)
Milk products (Milk, Yogurt, Cheese)

These foods fulfill your hunger issues, you should try to eat all these items to gain weight. Don’t eat too much sugar; it can be big resistance in your transformation. 

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Regular exercises

We are not suggesting you go for a heavy workout session because you will end up burning more than you eat. Therefore, a little bit of regular exercise can be done and there are some specific types of exercises which are so useful in weight gain. Lifting of heavyweight is one such exercise that stretches your body to the extent which helps in gaining weight. Do a little bit of walk and stroll to have good metabolism and digestion. 

Eat Protein, repeat Protein

Yes, you have read right, consumption of protein is very vital because proteins help you in so many different ways. Protein is the most important nutrient especially for gaining weight; therefore you should try your best to make your plate full of protein. Protein utilizes your calorie intake; it is the nutrient that obtains calories to store as body fat. Protein is the only nutrient responsible for muscle mass, and muscles are made up of protein. Meats, fish, eggs, pulses, are considered rich in protein, so go for a diet full of protein. 

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When you consume more calories then choose a nutritious diet because it converts extra calories into muscles. Overfeeding is only considered good when you take protein with it, otherwise overfeeding has lots of cons and disadvantages. However, it is a double-edged sword because it kind of kills your hunger and appetite which means you won’t be able to consume more calories. Therefore overconsumption is not good; you can consult your dietician for an optimum protein capacity for your body. You should take 1.5–2.2 grams of protein per kilogram weight of your body; optimum protein consumption can be calculated with body weight.

Herbal medicine to gain weight

If you wish to have ayurvedic medicine that helps in gaining weight you must try Sehatking. Sehatking is one of the best Ayurvedic medicine you can get result in just 15 days. It is available in two forms: Powder and capsules. For more information you can visit the website sehatking.com.

Sehat Banane Ki Ayurvedic Dawa - SEHAT KING (POWDER + CAPSULE)
Sehat Banane Ki Ayurvedic Dawa – SEHAT KING (POWDER + CAPSULE)

We hope you find it helpful and informative, if you loved this article then share it immediately with your loved ones.

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