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Nightfall (Nocturnal emissions): symptoms, treatment, nature, myths

About Nightfall

Nightfall is something that most people unknowingly refer it as a sexual problem, but it is not so. First of all, we should keep in our mind that it is more of a psychological problem; it’s up to your mentality and thinking. However, the mental condition is not the problem with everyone; there are certain types of internal problems in some cases. Nightfall problems happen with males just because of overexposure to sexuality or sexually driven stuff. One can be good easily and no one should take it as any kind of defect. 

What is nightfall?

In this post, we will be telling you the symptoms, reason, treatment, home remedies, myths, and much more which you should know. Before getting to this topic first of all we should know what nightfall is in the true sense.

Nocturnal emissions 

Nightfall scientifically known as Nocturnal emissions is a kind of disorder in males where they lost control of ejaculations, especially in sleep. When a person ejaculates during sleep without being aware of, it is nightfall. Some people call it spermatorrhea as sperm emits from our penis. When we witness ejaculation of sperm while sleep then it is nightfall problem.

Wet dreams

Nightfall is also referred to as ‘wet dreams’ or ‘nocturnal emissions’. It is one of the major problem which most adults face. Generally, it is found in males with an age group of 18-30. It should not be taken seriously. This is not a defect. It can be cured easily but it doesn’t mean you resist getting out of this disturbance.

Wet Dreams - Kaahan Ayurveda
Wet Dreams – Kaahan Ayurveda

Nightfall in teenagers

It is becoming very common in today’s youth due to multiple reasons. Most of the youths find this problematic but it gradually starts fading away with growing age. The wet dreams problem occurs mainly due to multiple reasons like sexual content, over-thinking, sexual lust, and much more. Sometimes, these nightfall problems occur with girls but it is not so common in girls. 

Nightfall problem happens with a person who is less involved in sexual activity, most of the time it is just about your immature mental status. Several ways have been developed over time by which it can be cured; the preventive measures include therapy, medication, yoga, home remedies, etc.

Reason behind unnecessary semen emission

Have you ever wondered why it happens with a person who is less involved in sex? Deprivation or dissociation from sex is one of the main causes for occurring unwanted wet dreams; however, this is not the only reason for nightfall. There are several others aspects for the cause of nightfall which one should not ignore at all. Deep sexual arousal is one such reason for nightfall in sleep; we need to control our subconscious mind through various ways which we will discuss in the next paragraphs. Sexually inactiveness is also one of the major reasons in youths, as they don’t get the chance or have no partner. Teenagers who can’t be sexually active due to obvious reasons may also have nightfall problems, and it is very common with most teenagers.

Cause of Nightfall in teenagers

  • The teenagers who have stopped masturbating or obeying ‘NoFap’ may also face this problem, so it is not something to worry about a lot.
  • When a male individual doesn’t masturbate for too long, the semen accumulation exposes in sleep which results in nightfall.
  • Sperm generates naturally in males, when it does not ejaculate on time then it can cause unintentional nightfall.
  • People having addiction to watch porn on regular basis have more chances to get this problem, when you watch porn your subconscious mind revolves around it all the time.
  • Too much inclination toward sexual content on the internet can affect your mind, so don’t read unnecessary books or content based on the same. 
Watching porn movie causes nightfall
Watching porn movie causes nightfall

However, apart from our mental and subconscious mind nature, some serious problems can cause your nightfall. When you consume any drugs that have a more testosterone booster effect then it can cause nightfall, so don’t worry about emission while taking such drugs. Nervous system defects or failures can also cause nightfall because you lost control over these things, so if this is the case then it should be treated by consulting a sexologist.

What are some symptoms of nightfall?

It is not a kind of disorder that can have some apparent symptoms; however, one can notice by giving proper attention. Wet dreams problems have some very subtle symptoms, which should be given full attention; you can ignore it at all. Nightfall is very common and organic unless it has some severe symptoms like;

  • Inflammation and pain in prostate glands
  • Pain in testosterone or part of the male sex part
  • Filthy smell or irritating while urination
  • Continuous rejuvenation of penis
  • Sex lust and impulsiveness

Some prevalent myths about nightfall in people’s mind

There are some ridiculous myths prevalent in society about nightfall; these myths are mostly illogical and unscientific. People often think that nightfall is something that is a kind of sexual defect in the body, which is mostly untreatable. First and foremost, this is a myth that it is a sex problem; no it’s very natural and common. Everyone has to suffer at some stage of their adolescent life, so you don’t need to mislead yourself from absurd myths. You can consult to sexologist or doctor for more details, they will suggest you the proper medication and routing to avoid it. 

Myths about wet dreams

  • Nightfall causes Premature ejaculation or rapid fall while sex
  • There is no medical treatment for nightfall
  • The only virgin gets this problem
  • It reduces sex power
  • Only men have to suffer from this problem
  • Only porn addicted or youths get it

These are the myths, and keep yourself miles away from such misleading myths because they can affect your mind at a serious level. 

Treatment of nightfall: Successful ways to control nightfall

If you’re continuously ejaculating during sleep, you can self-monitor whether it is natural or reasonable. You must look at the things which enhance the chance of nightfall, you can avoid porn videos, sexual content, over-thinking, and much more previously described to lower it. However, if you are facing semen leakage then this is something which you need to think seriously about it, you can consult doctors and they may recommend you medicine or drugs like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

Deep meditation and yoga can also prevent you from getting indulge in such problems; go for breathing yoga because it can change your mind status. However, there are some home remedies available which you can do on your own to cut this problem. Frequent use of onion, honey, yogurt, bottle gourd can control this issue.

Tips to control wet dreams

Shower at night prevent from wet dreams
Shower at night prevent from wet dreams
  1. Wet dreams cause mainly due to our unnecessary excitement towards sex, we can go for deep meditation to avoid it.
  2. One should avoid watching porn at night regularly; keep at least 3 days of the gap in masturbation. 
  3. Bottle gourd juice is very effective at nightfall as it cools your body.
  4. A shower or bath before bed is also very useful in controlling nightfall problems.
  5. Keep yourself busy and engaged all the time, free time to your mind can divert you to think about it.
  6. Take a good nutritious diet and do regular exercise as it is very useful in restraining your thought process.

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