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Everything you need to know about Weight Gain

Overweight and Underweight

We often talk about heavyweight problems but very less about being opposite i.e., too skinny and too lean. There are millions of people facing this problem but people are not so vocal about it, very few people take it as a concern. Being underweight can be as pathetic as being overweight and both are problematic to a human being’s life. Apart from that, there are so many people desperate to gain some weight; however, they are underweight. Whatever be your case. whether you are underweight or you want to gain some extra muscles, the motive and principle are still the same. Gaining weight is as tough as losing weight, but one can achieve it with constant endeavor and effort.

Underweight - Woman hold hands in belly
Underweight : Woman hold hands in belly

Gain weight to avoid health problems

Underweight people find so many further problems like fatigue and a weak immune system, extra skinny people go through several other health issues. There are several reasons and aspects of being too lean or underweight, be it malnutrition, genes, lifestyle, illness, or something else. Sometimes serious ailments cause this problem; however, some people find it very difficult to gain some weight. Weight gain is not all about eating too much. Something more is required to get some kilos of mass. Medication, supplements, nutritional therapy, and so many things can help you gain more weight. Weight gain tips are available on the internet to help you with getting your desired body structure.

In this post, we will be looking at some evidence-based tips to gain weight, and will also explore the causes, treatment, tips, and much more. Whatever be the reason for you being underweight, this post is going to help you get your desired body shape. We will be focusing on a strategy to gain weight quickly without harming your body; we won’t be providing any harmful weight gain tips. 

What is called being underweight? 

Have you ever wondered who will be called underweight and what will be the criteria to declare someone underweight? There is a term called Body Mass Index (BMI) which is calculated to calculate the BMI of a person. The body mass index of a person can be calculated with the height and weight of an individual, it is the ratio of height to weight. One can easily calculate their body index on the internet, there are some fixed body mass indexes to declare someone underweight, overweight, or normal weight. However, it does not specifically count muscle mass and therefore it may be not accurate but most of the time it is considered as a success criterion.

Woman body mass index info chart. Female silhouette medical infographic. Vector illustration
Woman body mass index info chart. Female silhouette medical infographic. Vector illustration

Body mass index is calculated based on gender and sex; it has a different value for both males and females. If a male person is having a body mass index of 18.5 to 25 then he will be considered as normal weight, below 18.5 is clinically underweight. If someone is having a body mass index between 25 and 30 then he will be considered overweight. Male guys having a body mass index of more than 30 will be considered under obesity. Most of the time body mass index is considered as a profound criterion but it does not differentiate between muscle and fat. However, underweight is more common in girls/women as they face this problem more than boys/men.

Causes of being underweight?

As we have previously told you that several factors are responsible for the underweight problem, it may be genes or some human problems. Here we are providing you some strong reasons for being underweight, here we go;

High metabolism

We can see so many people around us who eat enough but they don’t get a good physical look. High metabolism may produce craving and hunger but this doesn’t mean that it will give someone perfect body weight. High metabolism is not good as it kills your weight gaining capacity. 

Genetic disposition

Genes are something that play important role in the body structure of a human being. If the ancestors and parents have low weight then chances are high that you will be skinny and underweight. Genetic disposition is one of the most prominent reasons behind underweight. It can be eradicated by having a suitable diet plan.

Heavy workout session

Workouts are good but workouts with more than one’s capacity are not good. If you are having average or below-average body weight then you don’t need to go for heavy workout sessions. Heavy workouts decrease your tendency of gaining weight as they lower body fat and muscle mass. Workout session should be done under professionals and trainers; they may recommend you sufficient timing and types of workout suitable for your body.

Physical ailments

So many ailments and illnesses cause low weight, therefore being healthy is necessary to avoid the risk of low body weight. Diarrhea, diabetes, viral fever, digestive issues, may invite low-fat problems. These ailments need instant treatment and once you get out of it, have some nutritious supplements or diet plan to cover it up. All major ailments cause weakness and fatigue which ultimately results in low body weight.

Mental illness

Nervous and mental health issues invite obesity and underweight problem as well, therefore it should be under our concern. Mental illness may cause the underweight problem because it affects your digestion, metabolism, everything. Depression and serious anxiety are some serious problems that should be treated immediately by consulting a psychiatrist. 

How to gain weight naturally?

Gaining weight naturally is a little time taking but this is the safest way too therefore you should always insist this way. You can gain weight having proper calorie intake and little life adjustment. This is not rocket science. Weight can be gained by focusing on your metabolism and body physique, some exercises are also available to develop muscle mass. We are providing you here some tips and techniques to gain weight easily.

Increase calorie consumption

If you are trying to get weight then you should consume more calories than you burn. Generally, we take lesser calories which we burn easily and that are the prominent reason behind the underweight problem. Lesser involvement in heavy physical activities may also give you some extra kilos because it saves your calorie burning. 

Proper nutritious diet

Fried rice with tomatoes carrots mushrooms plate
Fried rice, potato (full of carbohydrates)

Proper nutritious diet is very important for gaining weight; malnutrition is one of the major reasons behind underweight or low body weight. Starchy and food full of carbohydrates may help you get more weight; therefore choose the best diet plan for yourself. Rice, potato, pasta, are some meal items that help get weight. 

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits And Vegetables Horizontal Composition
Fruits and vegetables stacked together in one heap horizontal composition realistic vector illustration

Fruits and green vegetables help you get the required vitamins for your body; most often our daily food items are not sufficient for us. Seasonal fruits should be added to our meal, and we should try our best to get fruits at least 3-5 times a day. 

Protein intake

Low carbs diet food selection white wall
Weight gain : Protein diet

Protein is very useful in weight gain therefore we should never undermine this. Fish, pulses, meats, eggs, are some best protein provider to our body, so choose a diet plan which has sufficient protein. 

We have tried our best to provide you enough information regarding weight gain, hope you love this article and find it helpful and informative. If it is so then share it with your friends and family.

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