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Vanital Capsule

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“Vanital” – Ayurvedic capsule for women’s wellness. Combats white discharge restores menstrual regularity and supports overall reproductive health. Empowering feminine vitality naturally.

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Introducing “Vanital” – Your Ayurvedic Solution for Women’s Wellness. Embrace the natural essence of Vanital to effectively tackle white discharge concerns, restore menstrual regularity, and revitalize overall health. Crafted with the goodness of ancient Ayurvedic herbs, Vanital supports a balanced reproductive system and harmonious well-being. Experience the transformative journey towards feminine vitality with Vanital – Your trusted companion for holistic care.


Introducing Vanital – your ultimate solution for women’s health and well-being. Our ayurvedic product is specifically designed to address common concerns such as white discharge, irregular periods, and overall health issues. Here are five key benefits of Vanital:

1. Promotes hormonal balance: Vanital’s unique blend of ayurvedic ingredients helps regulate hormonal levels, reducing symptoms like excessive white discharge and irregular menstrual cycles.

2. Supports vaginal health: By addressing the root cause of white discharge, Vanital promotes a healthy pH balance in the vaginal area, preventing discomfort and irritation.

3. Enhances reproductive health: With its powerful natural ingredients, Vanital supports reproductive health by promoting regular menstrual cycles and addressing underlying issues that may affect fertility.

4. Boosts immunity: The carefully selected herbs in Vanital work together to strengthen the immune system, protecting against common infections and improving overall well-being.

5. Restores vitality: Vanital not only targets specific health concerns but also helps you regain your vitality by providing essential nutrients that nourish the body and promote overall wellness.


Key Ingredients



There is a herb that gives strength to our body, its use brings energy to our body and it reduces the laziness that builds up in our body, which keeps our body fit.




It may help regulate menstrual cycles and alleviate menstrual pain. Babul’s astringent properties can be beneficial for vaginal health and may help with excessive vaginal discharge. It’s also known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, promoting overall reproductive well-being.




It may help with vaginal health, addressing issues like excessive discharge and infections due to its antimicrobial properties. Majuphal’s astringent properties can promote vaginal tightening and improve overall reproductive health.




Some of its qualities include promoting hormonal balance, aiding in menstrual issues, boosting reproductive health, and providing essential nutrients. Additionally, Vidhara may help in relieving stress, improving digestion, and enhancing immune function. These properties make it beneficial for maintaining female health and vitality.




It is renowned for its positive effects on women’s overall well-being. Some of its properties include promoting hormonal balance, supporting a healthy menstrual cycle, and alleviating menstrual discomfort. Ashoka is also believed to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, which can aid in various gynecological issues.




Amla aids in maintaining healthy skin and hair, promoting a youthful appearance. It can also help regulate menstrual cycles and alleviate menstrual cramps.


Vang Bhasma

Vang Bhasma

Vang Bhasma is known for its potential to regulate menstrual cycles and alleviate menstrual discomfort. Additionally, it may aid in improving fertility and hormonal balance. This Ayurvedic preparation is also considered beneficial for enhancing bone health and promoting general vitality in females, contributing to their total health and wellness.


Badi Elaichi

Badi Elaichi

This home herb Support overall well-being in females. It is known for its medicinal properties, including its ability to aid in digestion and alleviate gastrointestinal issues. It also possesses anti-inflammatory effects, which can be beneficial for managing pain and inflammation. Additionally, its aromatic compounds may help reduce stress and promote relaxation, contributing to the total health and well-being of females.


Van Tulsi

Van Tulsi

Van Tulsi has antioxidant properties that help combat oxidative stress and may aid in reducing inflammation. It also exhibits antimicrobial effects, which can be beneficial for maintaining gastrointestinal health. Additionally, its adaptogenic properties may help reduce stress and support hormonal balance, contributing to the total health of females.




This offers various health benefits that support the overall well-being of females. It is known for its medicinal properties, including its potential to aid in digestion and improve gastrointestinal health. Additionally, Vach’s soothing qualities may contribute to mental well-being, further enhancing the total health of females.


Direction to use:


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Question & Answer

Question: What is “Vanital” Capsule, and what does it do?

Answer: “Vanital” is an Ayurvedic capsule designed for women’s wellness. It effectively addresses white discharge issues, restores menstrual regularity, and supports overall reproductive health.

Question: How does “Vanital” work to tackle white discharge problems?

Answer: “Vanital” contains potent Ayurvedic herbs that help balance vaginal pH levels and reduce excessive white discharge, promoting vaginal health and comfort.

Question: Can “Vanital” help regulate irregular menstrual cycles?

Answer: Yes, “Vanital” is formulated to restore hormonal balance, leading to regular menstrual cycles and a more predictable period flow.

Question: Are there any side effects of using “Vanital” capsule?

Answer: As “Vanital” is made from natural Ayurvedic ingredients, it is generally safe for use. However, it’s essential to follow the recommended dosage. Consult a healthcare professional if you have any specific health concerns.

Question: How should I consume “Vanital” capsule?

Answer: Take the recommended dosage of “Vanital” capsule as advised by the packaging or your healthcare provider. It’s typically taken with water or milk after meals for optimal absorption.

Question: Can women of all ages use “Vanital” capsule?

Answer: “Vanital” is designed for adult women and is generally suitable for women of various age groups. However, it’s best for women experiencing white discharge issues or menstrual irregularities. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a healthcare professional before use.


Kaahan Ayurveda


60 capsule


Women health




Plastic bottle



Shelf life

36 month

Food preference


8 reviews for Vanital Capsule

  1. Rekha

    I love that Vanital is made from natural ingredients. It’s a trustworthy tonic that addresses multiple women’s health concerns. It’s been a game-changer in my life, and I’m grateful for its positive impact.

  2. Suman

    “Vanital is a lifesaver! I struggled with leucorrhea for years, but this tonic worked wonders. It has significantly reduced the problem, and I feel so much more comfortable and confident now.”

  3. Dimple

    I was skeptical about trying another product for white discharge, but Vanital proved me wrong. It’s gentle on the body and effectively tackles the issue. So glad I found this natural remedy!

  4. Deepa

    As someone who experienced irregular menstrual cycles, Vanital has been a blessing. It not only regulated my periods but also relieved menstrual discomfort. I’m amazed at its effectiveness!

  5. Laxmi

    Vanital is my go-to tonic for women’s health. It has improved my overall well-being, and I feel more energized during my periods. A must-have for every woman!

  6. Tanya

    After trying various products for white discharge, I finally found Vanital. It’s like a magic potion that addresses the issue without any side effects. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!

  7. Neelam

    “Leucorrhea was causing me so much distress, but Vanital brought relief in no time. It’s effective, easy to take, and has improved my quality of life. Highly recommended for women facing similar problems!”

  8. Sweta

    “Vanital has become an essential part of my menstrual care routine. It helps me manage PMS symptoms and ensures a smoother and healthier period each month. I feel more in control of my body now!”

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