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Sehat King Powder 160g

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Kaahan Ayurveda Sehat King Weight Gainer Powder is pure and herbal that brings agility to your body and makes you successful by increasing weight and confidence.

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Sehat King Powder is an Ayurvedic weight gainer. It improves your poor digestive system. Chances of making new blood will increase, deficiency of seven metals will improve, and chances of getting vigor and stamina will increase. This will help you in increasing your weight and in becoming good health. Regular consumption of Sehat King increases your chances of becoming attractive. In 15-20 days you will be able to see the effect of Sehat King. Its approx course is 3 months; it may differ due to the physical & health capacity of each person. Sehat King is a booster of your morale and confidence and helps you to reach that level of success, which you can only imagine.


  • Healthy Weight Gain: Ayurvedic weight gainer powder helps in gaining weight naturally.
  • Digestive Support: It aids in improving digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Provides a mix of essential nutrients for overall well-being.
  • Stress Reduction: Some formulations may help in reducing stress, indirectly supporting weight gain.


Key Ingredients



There is a herb that gives strength to our body, its use brings energy to our body and it reduces the laziness that builds up in our body, which keeps our body fit.




Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, thiamine, carbohydrate, tannin, citric acid, riboflavin, and amylose nutrients are found in Singhara (water chestnut) which are beneficial for health.


Safed musli

Safed Musli

It provides strength to the body of the people who feel more tired, white musli converts their tiredness into energy. Nourishes a malnourished body.




In today’s time, many people are suffering from stress and mental illness, which defines depression. This is due to the increase of homocysteine ​​in the brain. The folate present in Shatavari controls the production of homocysteine.


Kali musli

Kali Musli

It contains two very important amino acids called methionine and tryptophan which are absent in most of vegetarian foods like chickpeas, peanuts, kidney beans, chickpeas and soybeans. Methionine keeps the liver healthy and also controls cholesterol.


Kala Til

Kala Til

Black sesame is beneficial for weight gain as it is calorie-dense, containing healthy fats, proteins, and dietary fiber. Regular consumption can help increase calorie intake and provide essential nutrients, supporting healthy weight gain when combined with a balanced diet and exercise.




It is a seedless fruit whose chemicals cure all the diseases of the body. Its consumption does not cause digestive problems and also increases the immunity of the body. This energizes the body and sharpens the mind.




Haritaki is very important in Ayurveda, it is also called Harad. Its continuous consumption increases appetite and also strengthens digestion. It not only makes the body strong but also enhances our beauty.




Bibhitiki (Baheda) is sweet in taste, astringent, mild in quality, hot in nature, and sweet in Vipak. It is a tridoshak, stimulant, metal enhancer and destroyer of pain, constipation and stomach worms are eliminated by its use, it makes the stomach strong and increases appetite.




Fiber and other nutrients present in fennel strengthen your digestive system and make digestion easier. For the diagnosis of stomach-related problems, you must eat some fennel after eating food. Whenever you drink tea, add fennel to it, it will improve your digestion.


Direction to use:

SehatKing Powder-How to use



Kaahan Ayurveda




Weight gainer




Plastic pouch



Shelf life

36 month

Food preference


2 reviews for Sehat King Powder 160g

  1. Amit Mishra, Delhi

    I recently tried the Sehat King, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer in my fitness journey! This product has been incredibly effective in helping me gain muscle mass. It easy to consume daily without feeling overwhelmed. What impressed me the most is the noticeable results I’ve seen in a relatively short time. Not only do I feel stronger and more energized during workouts, but my overall physique has improved significantly. I highly recommend this weight gainer powder to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals. It’s a fantastic product that delivers on its promises!

  2. Manish Sharma

    Very Nice product for weight gain

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