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MadhuAlp Capsule


Madhualp Capsule: Pure Ayurvedic blend for healthy blood sugar levels. Regulates glucose, enhances insulin sensitivity, and supports pancreatic health. Safe, natural, and ideal for long-term use. Embrace Ayurveda’s holistic approach for balanced well-being.

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Introducing “Madhualp Capsule,” a pure Ayurvedic formulation designed to support healthy blood sugar levels. This powerful herbal blend includes Karela (Bitter Gourd), Methi (Fenugreek), and Jamun (Black Plum) – time-tested ingredients known for their blood sugar-regulating properties.

Madhualp Capsule works synergistically to balance glucose metabolism, enhance insulin sensitivity, and promote pancreatic health. With its natural properties, it aids in managing diabetes and supporting overall well-being.

Embrace the essence of Ayurveda with Madhualp Capsule, a safe and effective natural remedy for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Take control of your health the natural way and enjoy a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle with the power of nature’s finest herbs.


  1. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels: The powerful herbal blend in Madhualp Capsule helps regulate blood sugar levels, keeping them within a healthy range.
  2. Enhances Insulin Sensitivity: The natural ingredients in the capsules promote improved insulin sensitivity, leading to better glucose utilization by the body.
  3. Supports Pancreatic Health: Madhualp Capsule contains herbs known to support the health of the pancreas, which plays a crucial role in insulin production.
  4. Manages Diabetes: Regular use of Madhualp Capsule can be beneficial in managing diabetes and reducing the risk of complications associated with the condition.
  5. Holistic Approach: Madhualp Capsule takes a holistic approach to blood sugar health, addressing various factors that influence glucose metabolism and promoting overall well-being.
  6. Natural and Safe: Being a pure Ayurvedic product, Madhualp Capsule is made from natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for long-term use.


Key Ingredients



It has contains biologically active compounds like gymnemic acids and saponins. These compounds give it antidiabetic properties. Gurmar helps manage diabetes by reducing sugar absorption in the intestines, increasing insulin secretion, and improving insulin sensitivity. It aids in controlling blood sugar levels and curbing sugar cravings.


Jamun Powder


It is contains essential nutrients such as vitamins (A, C, and B), minerals (calcium, potassium), dietary fiber, and antioxidants like anthocyanins. These components aid in controlling diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity. Jamun’s low glycemic index helps manage diabetes effectively.




bitter gourd, offers significant benefits for diabetes management due to its bioactive compounds. It contains charantin, polypeptide-p, and vicine, which help lower blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity and promoting glucose uptake. Additionally, it possesses antioxidant properties that protect against diabetes-related complications.




It has active constituents like flavonoids, triterpenoids, and glycosides. Neem helps manage diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels and improving insulin sensitivity. Neem also aids in managing weight and reduces insulin resistance.




Contains several bioactive compounds like berberine. Berberine has shown promising effects in managing blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity, making it potentially beneficial for diabetes control.




It is rich in nutrients like vitamins (A, B1, B2, C), minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium), and dietary fiber. It contains active compounds like trigonelline and galactomannan, which give it antidiabetic properties. Methi helps manage diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels, improving insulin sensitivity, and enhancing glucose metabolism.


Direction to use:

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Question & Answer

Q: What are Madhualp Capsules?

A: Madhualp Capsules are pure Ayurvedic supplements designed to support healthy blood sugar levels. They contain a herbal blend of Karela (Bitter Gourd), Methi (Fenugreek), and Jamun (Black Plum).

Q: What are the benefits of Madhualp Capsules?

A: Madhualp Capsules offer several benefits, including regulating blood sugar levels, enhancing insulin sensitivity, supporting pancreatic health, managing diabetes, and taking a holistic approach to blood sugar health.

Q: How do Madhualp Capsules regulate blood sugar levels?

A: The herbal ingredients in Madhualp Capsules work together to regulate blood sugar levels and maintain them within a healthy range.

Q: Can Madhualp Capsules be used long-term?

A: Yes, Madhualp Capsules are safe for long-term use as a natural Ayurvedic supplement. Their gentle herbal formulation allows for regular consumption to support balanced blood sugar levels.

Q: Are Madhualp Capsules natural and safe?

A: Yes, Madhualp Capsules are made from natural ingredients following Ayurvedic principles, making them safe and free from harmful chemicals or additives. However, it’s recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, especially if you have diabetes or other underlying health conditions.


Kaahan Ayurveda


60 capsule




Plastic bottle



Shelf life

36 month

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